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The most cutting-edge Student Profile Builder

For College Admissions & Scholarships.

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72% of the world’s top Universities Evaluate
Non-Academic Achievements.

Top Global Universities

  • harvardmdHarvard University
  • britishThe University of British Columbia
  • londonThe London School of Economics

Top Indian Universities

  • delhiUniversity Of Delhi
  • ashokaAshoka University
  • amityAmity University

Global Universities talk about why they look beyond marks.

The Global Need for Focused Profile Building
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India’s best schools know Profile Building is the
key to Student Success.


So, India’s best educators came together to give
students a Global Edge.

certified career counsellor

Mr. Ashok Pande

Principal, Ahlcon International

certified career counsellor

Ms. Sangeetha George

Careers and College Advisor,
Kodaikanal International School

certified career counsellor

Ms. Shruti Lahoti

Counsellor, Sangam School
of Excellence

certified career counsellor

Ms. Kalyani Patnaik

Principal, Hiranandani Foundation

certified career counsellor

Ms. Puja Rishi Chopra

Counsellor, Sat Paul Mittal

certified career counsellor

Mr. Abhinav Gogoi

Counsellor, The Assam
Valley school


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Discover the Power of Profile Building download Sample Case Study

Kaveri Nadhamuni

- The International School, Bangalore

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Arnav Das

- Delhi Public School. RK Puram

- Delhi University

Saylee Jangam

- RIMS International School & Junior College

- The University of Sheffield

Divyansh Gehlot

- DLF Public School

- King’s College, London

Diva Sharma

- GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj

- Stanford University

Anousha Thapar

- Sat Paul Mittal School

- York University