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The ProMap Think Tank: Experts in Indian Education

Every child must have opportunities, facilities, and experiences that have a greater bearing on their live


Mr. Ashok Pandey - Principal

Ahlcon International School
Delhi | Est. 2001 | CBSE

A ‘holistic’ philosophy of education that encourages student achievem- ents across academics, music, art, social service and environmental commitment.


Ms. Sangeetha George- Careers and College Advisor

Kodaikanal International School
Kodaikanal | Est. 1901 | IB

The best way to educate is by tapping latent talents and tuning them to achieve meaningful ends.


Ms. Kalyani Patnaik - Principal

Hirandanai Foundation School
Mumbai | Est. 1990 | ICSE

Every child has a treasure within which needs to be developed through intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual exposure.


Mr. K.V. Arjun Rao - Principal

Oakridge International School
Hyderabad | Est. 2001 | IB

Students’ skills are integral for their all-round development beyo- nd marks to enable them to become the global leaders of tomorrow.


Lt. Gen. Surendra Kulkarni - Principal

Mayo College
Ajmer | Est. 1875 | CBSE

Students must be nurtured to become thinking individuals capable of articulating their thoughts effectively and competing successfully in an international environment.


Ms. Puja Rishi Chopra - Counsellor

Sat Paul Mittal School
Ludhiana | Est. 2004 | ICSE

All-round development is critical to develop smart leaders for tomorrow who are confident in every action they take.


Ms. Shruti Lahoti - Counsellor

Sangam School of Excellence
Bhilwara | Est. 2004 | IB

Education should be the biggest and best adventure in a child’s life.


Mr. Abhinav Gogoi - Counsellor

The Assam Valley School
Tezpur | Est. 1995 | ICSE