72% of the leading Universities across the world are increasingly looking at non-academic achievements as a part of their admission requirement. This when coupled with the increased competition, leaves academic achievements difficult to spot, thus stressing on the need for a focused profile rather than just academics to improve student placements.

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So how can your school improve its placement records?

By bringing in Parents on board! Student guidance is a multi-faceted process that involves a range of stakeholders: teachers, career counsellors, parents, and the student.  Needless to say, parents are one of the most critical influencers of a student’s career path.

With leading Indian schools, going the ProParenting way to integrate parents as an integral part of student guidance, its time your school got this advantage.

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Pro-Parenting: The X Factor in Student Guidance

ProParenting is India’s first joint parent & student workshop to build College-Ready Student Profiles. The workshop takes parents and students through a journey of self-discovery and new information. It practically demonstrates how parents and students can have a planned approach to Non-academic activities so they contribute to profile building without the extreme stress of manufacturing over-achievers.
With the ProParenting workshop, parents derive the following value:

  • Understanding World University Trends: Gain perspective into what the leading Indian and global universities look for during the time of admissions.
  • Gain insights into the leading Student Profile Building activities to be undertaken: This includes understanding the broad range of student programs like Summer Programs, Extracurriculars, Co-curricular, Academic Honors, etc.
  • Observing student case studies of students who made it to the Top Indian and Global Universities and how their child could build his/her profile accordingly.
  • Creation of a personalized roadmap for their child so that he/she is guided in a more proactive and dynamic manner from an early age.
  • Access to the ‘Great College Attributes Guide’– India’s FIRST Comprehensive inside info guide on what the Top global colleges look for in prospective applicants


So what are you waiting for?



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