Does your child have the global exposure required for top universities?

Do you think he/she will make the cut with their profile?

If your answer to any of this is NO, fear not.

We have the Ultimate Key for your child’s secure future.

Almost 72% of the World’s top universities evaluate non-academic achievements in addition to academic prowess. A well-rounded profile, thus, has the chance to make the cut to the best colleges and even receive millions of dollars in scholarships.

Now you may think as to what makes a ‘well-rounded’ profile?

By a well-rounded profile, we mean one that showcases the student in a light beyond academics highlighting

  • Social skills
  • Mental resilience
  • Emotional stability
  • Creative portfolio
  • Logical reasoning and aptitude

Beyond grades, there is a range of activities required by your Child to secure university admissions to some of the top colleges across the world.

top indian universities

Don’t believe us? Then have a look at the video below which has Admission representatives from some of these colleges talking about that ‘extra’ that they look for while screening applications at the undergraduate level!

So, when a child seeks admission in a top university, he/she will not secure a seat based ONLY on academic grades. Top Global and Indian Universities look for something more- achievements beyond just marks.

All work and no play doesn’t just make Jack and Jill dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change and flexibility and it hinders innovation and invention – Joline Godfrey

Your Child needs a personalised roadmap taking into account details like his/her’s higher education preferences and college admission requirements.

This is where ProMap comes in. ProMap takes your child from career and college-related dilemma to where they want to see themselves

What is ProMap?

ProMap is India’s First career planning platform that builds a student’s profile in a result-oriented manner. It is a one-of-a-kind student profile builder that enables and curates a student-profile taking into account current academic credentials and interests.

With ProMap, students gain:

  • Comprehensive guidance on college admissions
  • A Personalised roadmap that takes into account college, course and country choices
  • Holistic guidance from an expert
  • A chance to build a Scholarship worthy profile

Why is a Diverse Student Profile Building important?

  • Increase in average academic scores

Scoring well is no longer the ONLY criteria for admissions. A large number of students are getting an overall score of over 95%. This increases the pool of academically good students and making a wholesome mark becomes difficult.

  • University criteria for admissions

Top Universities across the world look for more than academics. As mentioned above, the measure for admissions to the schools is evolving to a more inclusive one.

ProMap fills the gap and gives YOUR CHILD what they require to find themselves in their dream college.

How does ProMap build the Profile of your Child?

ProMap uses a set of tools to assess student profile and suggest what is best for the child. They include-

      • Psychometric tests
      • Counselling sessions
      • Test preparation
      • Online modules
      • Scholarship advice
      • Application help

 All in 12 Weeks!

See what other students are saying about ProMap

Name: Aastha Vasavada

Grade: 11

School: Trinity International School

I was confused about my career choice and ProMap came in to save me! The aptitude tests really helped me understand the subjects of my interests. Even the counselling sessions were very helpful in explaining various career options to choose from and why. There were multiple career paths that I was not even aware of, but the counsellor gave me not one, but multiple options to choose from. I am extremely happy with the guidance given by ProMap and Univariety counsellors. Besides just guiding about careers, ProMap also helps in building a portfolio for admissions to undergraduate courses.


Don’t Wait! Get ProMap for your Child!