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ProMap The First Step Towards Your Dream College

  • Identify best course, country & college for you
  • Gain admission in your dream university
  • Secure scholarship for your undergraduate education

A Personalised Roadmap For YOU In 50 Days

Scientific Assessments

Expert Counselling Sessions

Online Internship Programs

Current Profile Score & Gap Identification

Personalised Roadmap

Personalised CV / Profile

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ProMap Program Schedule

The Most Scientific & Personalised Profile Builder

Activity 1

Decoding You

  • Your Academic strengths
  • Your Psychological Strengths
  • Your Career Interest Areas

Activity 2

Learning Global Admissions Trends

Outcome 1

Finalising Your Goals

(Career, Country, Colleges)

Activity 3

Capturing All Activities Already Done

Outcome 2

Know Your 'Current State' Score

Activity 4

Generating 1st Draft of 'Road Map'

Outcome 3

Finalize Your Road Map

(15 - 20 Activities)

Activity 5

Completing the Chosen Activities'

Outcome 4

Creation Of 'College Ready' Profile / CV

From Confusion to Clear Roadmap in 7 Weeks

Let our experts help you in achieving your goal

How Does ProMap Help You?


Gain Clarity On Career Options

Identify best suitable career options for you using scientific methods

Finalise Your Goals

(Career, Country & Colleges) Learn Global Admission Trends and identify your Ideal goal with confidence

Build A 'College Ready' Profile/CV

Complete the activities in your personalised roadmap and increase your profile strength


1st in line for scholarship with a stellar college ready profile / CV

Let the experts help youenroll now

Journey Of Our Students To Their Dream Colleges

Students & Parents Love ProMap

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