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ProMap The First Step Towards Your Dream College

  • Identify best course, country & college for you
  • Gain admission in your dream university
  • Secure scholarship for your undergraduate education
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A Personalised Roadmap For YOU In 50 Days

Scientific Assessments

Expert Counselling Sessions

Online Internship Programs

Current Profile Score & Gap Identification

Personalised Roadmap

Personalised CV / Profile

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ProMap Program Schedule

The Most Scientific & Personalised Profile Builder

Activity 1

Decoding You

  • Your Academic strengths
  • Your Psychological Strengths
  • Your Career Interest Areas

Activity 2

Learning Global Admissions Trends

Outcome 1

Finalising Your Goals

(Career, Country, Colleges)

Activity 3

Capturing All Activities Already Done

Outcome 2

Know Your 'Current State' Score

Activity 4

Generating 1st Draft of 'Road Map'

Outcome 3

Finalize Your Road Map

(15 - 20 Activities)

Activity 5

Completing the Chosen Activities'

Outcome 4

Creation Of 'College Ready' Profile / CV

From Confusion to Clear Roadmap in 7 Weeks

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How Does ProMap Help You?


Gain Clarity On Career Options

Identify best suitable career options for you using scientific methods

Finalise Your Goals

(Career, Country & Colleges) Learn Global Admission Trends and identify your Ideal goal with confidence

Build A 'College Ready' Profile/CV

Complete the activities in your personalised roadmap and increase your profile strength


1st in line for scholarship with a stellar college ready profile / CV

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Journey Of Our Students To Their Dream Colleges

Students & Parents Love ProMap

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