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What is Promap Super?

Discover the career opportunities that lie ahead and get your perfect roadmap for overseas University education. Plan your career in the best universities in USA, UK,Canada, Singapore and more through expert guidance from India's top career coaches who will help you make the right choice through all-round support and personalised career counselling. We provide holistic university admission services but are not limited to that alone. You will receive support throughout, from processing your application, country selection, the best available career options and visa application.

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How Promap Super will guide you in your overseas dream


For Students

  • Create customised career roadmaps based on their interests
  • Comprehensive Career guidance and development
  • USA, UK,Canada application and Visa help
  • Five-Star modules designed specially for profile building
  • Hand holding for college applications, SOPs, LORs and others
  • To get entrance examination and scholarship guidance

For Parents

  • To understand the admission process of universities for better planning
  • Help them get into the best universities as per their ability
  • Guide and provide all the information in the career planning process
  • To get information on cost-effective living options and safety measures in a country
  • Online career guidance and support for overseas education

The Methodology

The core element of Promap Super is adherence to 'comprehensive career planning'. Every student is evaluated and mapped to certain key areas with our unique milestone-led approach. This helps in comprehensive career planning. The digitally-enabled personalised counselling also helps in securing overseas admissions in an unbiased manner.

Why Promap Super?

  • 94% service satisfaction rate
  • Clients receive an average of 3+ admission offers from Ideal List of colleges
  • Unbiased university admissions advice
  • Access to 5 Online Modules that will guide you thoroughly
  • 91% of past users express complete clarity in career choice
  • Comprehensive career guidance and management
  • Hassle-free Online process

You should approach our service if you want
an answer to questions such as:

The counselling session will be on Skype and through Email or phone.

Nowadays with the help of technology, it is possible to counsel students virtually. The sessions can be easily done over Skype, Email or phone. We have been counselling thousands of students virtually and have never faced any issue. Also, online counselling saves a lot of time. If you are based in Hyderabad, it can be done face to face as well.

We offer unbiased services and we do not force candidates into a university for commission. Our team is highly experienced and have enabled thousands of students to secure a seat in their dream college.

The admission is based on profile, student scores and more. However, our comprehensive programme will ensure you get admission based on your capacity.

Scholarships depend on multiple factors, however, we will assist you in the application. Promap Super students have received Scholarships to the tune of $2 Million.

We offer premium guidance services on applications. You to apply up to 7 universities under the services.

In that case, you will have to pay a pre-mentioned fee for guidance on applications.

Yes, We offer complete guidance on all the formalities and requirements from Universities. Since our counsellors are experienced, they will see to it that all formalities are completed in time. Univariety as an organisation has a collective counselling experience of over 300 years with experienced counsellors.

Ideally, grade 9 is the right time where we can help with profile building which is key to getting admission in a good university.

We will be able to help you with the admission procedure and assist you with filling the gaps in your profile.

The best overseas study destinations including the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and more through expert guidance

Univariety’s career coaches are equipped with the latest information and have a collective counselling experience of over 300 years. As opposed to a consultancy, the counsellors understand the profile of the student and customise the plan as per student capability.

Univariety works with over 450 schools across India and is associated with UCLA Extension. It is part of the Info-Edge group and has spearheaded the provision of focussed career guidance and student success in the country.

Unbiased, comprehensive end to end support for admission into the best universities with the best counsellors in India. We start with student profile building and based on attributes, we help you get admission and scholarships.

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