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ProMap+: World's First Comprehensive Student Profile Builder

Takes into account your child's preferences and Dream College's admission requirements to give a personalized roadmap for success!

The ProMap+ Journey to a Dream University in JUST 7 Steps

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Kaveri Nadhamuni

- The International School, Bangalore

- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Arnav Das

- Delhi Public School. RK Puram

- Delhi University

Saylee Jangam

- RIMS International School & Junior College

- The University of Sheffield

Divyansh Gehlot

- DLF Public School

- King's College, London

Diva Sharma

- GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj

- Stanford University

Anousha Thapar

- Sat Paul Mittal School

- York University

Student Programs Covered under ProMap+

Universal Programs

Universal programs provide the holistic development for your child in terms of soft skills development and leadership skills to name a few.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • 21st Century Skills Certification from Brown University
  • The MHC Shakti Program

Academic Honors

The Academic Honors program are specialized programs to develop their academic proficiency in terms of languages, sciences, mathematics, etc.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • Rotary Youth Exchange
  • National Talent Search Examination

Summer Program

Summer Programs provide your child with opportunity to know more abouthis or her chosen area of interest in terms of course and career choices by attending it at one of the colleges for real.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • Columbia Business School's Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program
  • O.P. Jindal Global University's Jindal Global Summer School

Career Focused

Career Focused programs guides your child in honing their skills for their upcoming careers.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • Amrita InCTF Junior
  • Fundamentals of Digital Drawing in Photoshop

Co curricular

Co curriculars help in highlighting your child's passion by demonstrating continuous commitment in the academic domain.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • Intel ISEF
  • The Youth Leader Competition


Extracurricular activities help in identifying the true individual be it an upcoming musician, artist, quizzer or debater to gauge their areas of commitment and self-improvement beyond academics.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • ISDS Team India
  • The Green Olympiad

Special Skills

Special skills help in showcasing that your child has the grit and determination to learn and the commitment to practice his or her skills.

Some of the prominent programs include:
  • Voices of Youth
  • Trekking Expeditions

ProMap+'s Modules of Success

Get an overview of the factors that need to be taken into account while applying to the US, UK, Canada and India.

Gain insights into what Universities look for in candidates and how your child can build his or her profile through a range of Student Programs.

Deep Dive into University admissions with exemplary student achievers profiles and University specific admissions overview.

Understand the country specific application process with an in-depth analysis on how your child can stand out from the crowd with expert tips.

Learn about the scholarship process across countries and of critical expert tips and tricks to make your child's application ready for scholarships.